I got a wake up call about the system prevalent in our primary education when I met my friend’s daughter based in the United Kingdom.

She was 4 years old, same as my son then. My son could write lots of numbers and alphabets while she couldn’t write any major thing BUT her reasoning skill was amazing. She talked about the metamorphosis of a butterfly, she knew all the instructions on baking a cake, she kept asking probing and intelligent questions boldly and she gave reasonable answers to questions as well.

This gingered up my interest in their system of education compared to ours which led me into Early Childhood Education.

Any child who can be nurtured to be analytical, logical and can think out of the box, can succeed in life with or without certificate. Education in this age is way more than Numeracy and Literacy. Teachers are no longer the only sage on the stage.

This realization gave birth to Pearls Garden School where we run a Nigerian/British Curriculum.
The British part is basically in the teaching methodology, classroom delivery, breakdown of topics into practical, fun and interactive sessions, the opportunity given to pupils to bring up their own ideas and develop their creative and thinking skills.

Reading early and love of books is imparted early into our children. They start reading by age 4. When they are exposed to the world of books, they discover they have wings and can start a lifelong investment in knowledge which pays the best interest.

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